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Jacob Lindahl: “Will always remember the battles with Henriksson, Kratz and Osterman, of course”

Jacob Lindahl: “Will always remember the battles with Henriksson, Kratz and Osterman, of course”
Другое | 2011-10-27 21:22 | автор: Янис Галузо
8 times Swedish Champion, 2 times World Champion, and it’s possible to continue, but better to let him talk about his way in tablehockey and his life nowadays, isn’t? Today Jacob Lindahl is far away from Sweden and from tablehockey, all that we have to do now is watching some old videos and admire his genius technique and ideas in game. How does Jacob feel without tablehockey and do we have any chances to see him again on tournaments?

-Jacob, you are living in New Zealand now, how do you feel there?

New Zealand and Auckland are fantastic. We’re really enjoying life here.

-What was the reason of your move to the other side of the World?

Well, I got the opportunity to work and live in the most perfect place – the beach of Saanapu in Samoa. It wasn’t hard to make the decision…

-Are you missing Sweden there?

Yeah, I do. Sweden will always be my home and will always be missed. But what I had and have in Sweden is still there and will always be there. I’ve never doubted the decision to move. There are so many opportunities out there that you shouldn’t be afraid of.

Let’s talk about tablehockey. And I start to do it with most interesting question for me. How did you found motivation again and again to win SM 7 times in a row?

Probably, motivation was my biggest opponent… It’s hard to motivate yourself to do the same thing year after year. I was at my very best in 1993-94, and the tactical and technical advantage I had, made me wins many years after that without having to continue to push and develop myself.

Which of your victories you remember better now?

Mmmm… Not sure. Have to mention the victories in the WCh 92 and 95, but also the Swedish Club team gold medal (think it was 2003) and to win in Boston on the Benej-game.

And which moments were most difficult for you?

It was tough losing the World Cup 1993, only because I knew I’ve never been better and that I should have won. Having said that Ekis (Anders Ekestubbe) had his tournament of his life and was a well deserved winner.

Даниэль Валлен, Якоб Линдал, Ханс ОстерманWho gives you more problems in game, who was your hardest opponent to beat?

Tactical focused players have always been more challenging than technical players. Hard to mention anyone in particular… Will always remember battles with Lars Henriksson, Mikael Kratz and Hans, of course.

You have had so fast progress in the beginning of your career, what was your secret? Was it a good teacher, good opponent for practice, or maybe someone or something else?

I’ve been very lucky having great people around me. People who inspired and motivated me, with or without a hockey game. I have LES (Lars –Erik Svensson) to thank for all success. He became my coach, trainer and role model.

Do you remember your 1st tournament?

I do remember my first little trophy – winner of the 2nd (1) division in the UHSS Club Masters. I was polishing that little silver cup until it almost disappeared, LOL.

-Why you choose tablehockey?

Oh, I don’t know. But I knew very early that it was the right thing for me.

You’ve finished your active career in 2003, could you imagine that time, that it was last years of Swedish personal hegemony in tablehockey?

Yeah, it was very easy to see what was happening. Already in the late 90’s. There were no development at all in Sweden since 93-94. Maybe, the only exception was Hans.

You were in Moscow in 2003, which impressions and memories you have from that trip?

I have lots of great memories and a great time in Moscow. What I remember most is that there were so many tactical skilled players. Players that had just started to play tablehockey, but really knew what it was all about. There were lots of “right” attitude, ambition and potential. Something that had been missing in Sweden.

Якоб ЛиндалDo you remember any funny stories about that trip to Moscow?

Oh, I’m a lousy story teller. But… I could tell people stories about the banquet in Moscow-2003, but a good friend of mine (no names mentioned…) would prefer I’m not, hehehe…

OK, seems like I also know that stories, but you’re right, better to stop now! So, it was 8 years ago since you’ve been in Russia last time, and Russian tablehockey was changed so much during last years. Would you like to see these changes and come back to Russia someday?

Absolutely, I’ve been seriously considering Moscow Cup, many times. But time’s not enough. And tablehockey is not 1st of priorities anymore…

Did you find any substitution for tablehockey nowadays? Have you any serious passion?

Unfortunately not. However, I just returned from the golf course with blisters in my hands… (Smile)

What you would like to wish to players and people who organize tournaments nowadays? Which way of progress you would like to see in tablehockey?

It’s a tough environment for tablehockey to survive nowadays. It’s all about promoting and marketing the sport. To point out the unique values that only tablehockey has. To grow as a sport you need financial support and sponsors. You can only survive in a small scale without. Having said that it seems to have been a lot of promising development in the last ten years – outside Sweden. Let’s hope that continues. We’re still dreaming about that tablehockey will get all attention and acknowledgement it deserves one day. (Smile)

Thank you for an interesting conversation, Jacob! Hoping to see you soon. And I’m sure that your participation in some tournaments will be the best promotion for tablehockey!

Yanis Galuzo

Jacob Lindahl - Kenny Dubois, Las-Vegas, 2006

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